We guarantee all of our fruit. 100%. Period.

If you are dissatisfied with your fruit for any reason, we will refund or exchange it, no questions asked.

We have always believed that quality is the most important part of our business: if we don't have fruit that is miles better than the grocery store, that's nearly the best cherry or peach you've ever eaten, then you don't have a reason to come back. That's why we drive all the way to the orchards, pay the growers a premium, and work hard to maintain those relationships--so that when we get to you, we're sure we have the best fruit of the season.

Still, it doesn't always work. Fresh fruit is perishable, and buying direct from the orchards means it comes unsorted. Or maybe this box got bruised in shipment, or that tree in the orchard got picked that shouldn't have, and we were too busy at the stand to notice it. Either way, you might have gotten fruit that wasn't up to snuff. We're sorry. Much as we try to sample from the box of fruit we're selling, so you know what you're buying, sometimes bad cherries, soft peaches, split or moldy or bruised fruit gets through.

That's why we have the guarantee. Come back to the stand, call or text us (three oh three-641-nine five one six), send us an email (info@jacobsfruit.com), facebook message us, just let us know. We will refund or exchange whatever you purchased (the whole thing, not just the bad ones!) no questions asked.