Sweet Peaches and Black Cherries!

Time to get peachy! We have our first full load of peaches, super sweet and juicy, a variety y'all have loved for years, perfect for a hot summer day! PLUS more of the big black cherries from our Washington grower--the best replacement you'll find for a Flathead cherry this year. Note: these early season peaches have messy pits! Later ones will pull out clean. Coming soon to a fruit stand near you:

7/15: Baker, MT

7/16: Bowman, ND

7/17-19: Bismarck, ND

(Sidney, MT rescheduled for next load)

With our other towns to follow once we get a fresh picking!

Check our selling locations page for where exactly we sell in each town. For a text reminder the day before we get there, click below!

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