Looking forward to 2024!

We have wrapped up our fresh fruit sales for 2023, and are looking forward to 2024! While our schedule is always subject to mother nature, right now we are hoping to visit our regular towns (Bismarck, Dickinson, Glendive, Sidney, Williston, Bowman, and Baker) on this general schedule: 

Early California Peaches (great for eating): first+second week of June

Rainier Cherries (everyone's favorite! And very time-limited): second half of June/first week of July

Early Northwest Peaches (great for eating): second week of July

Montana Flathead Cherries (the famous black cherries!): second half of July

Northwest Freestone Peaches (great for eating, great for canning): late July through mid-September

Bartlett Pears (the best pears ever!): second half of August through mid-September

Check our selling locations page for where exactly we sell in each town. For a text reminder the day before we get there, click below!

Text or Email Updates

Note: we do still send emails, but we send so many now that some email providers (especially Gmail) will think we are sending spam and put us in the junk folder. So if you like email, look for our message in the junk folder, or add our address (info@jacobsfruit.com) to your contacts list so the service provider knows you want our mails! If you 'do' text messaging, we recommend signing up for those instead--they always come through.

PS: If you're already signed up, no need to enter your information again! You're on the list till you tell us you want off :)